As you may have noticed, protests have been happening everywhere as of late, and pins and patches are discreet and effective ways of letting people know where you stand. And so with this in mind, we offer you a humble selection of protest pins and patches for Valentine’s Day, because making a placard takes too much effort…

J Frost Your Loss pin, Pintrill for $15

Zero Fucks Given pin by Geek Details,  $14.99

Single and Psyched About It patch, City of Industry, $6

No Thanks patch by Big Bud, $10

Hard to Love pin by Explorers, $5

Hello Please Stop patch by Adamjk, $8

Mixed Emotions Club pin by Tuesday Bassen, $10

Slightly Bitter pin by Samweirforever, $9.44

Give Me Space by stephsayshello, $9.01

Brain by Embroidery Lab, $4