Link Collective, known for blending contemporary textile design and traditional Japanese craftsmanship, teamed up with illustrator Hannah Waldron in the creation of Tokyo, their latest and most ambitious furoshiki yet.

A staple in Japanese culture, furoshikis are multipurpose Japanese square textiles, often busted out when a gift wrapper, picnic blanket or scarf is needed. Link Collective’s furoshikis are produced by a Japanese family-owned company, who approached the studio with a new glow-in-the-dark ink technique that absorbs the day’s natural light and radiates a soft glow at night. So it was fitting that Waldron drew inspiration from the city of Tokyo itself.

“Arriving in Tokyo city in that magic time between night and day, our train meanders through a tetras-like metropolis,” the designer says of her furoshiki illustration. “Windows appear to flicker on and off, as people come and go, the city that never sleeps welcomes us with its glow.”

Wow your friends silly with this amazing furoshiki, available on Link Collective. See more of Waldron’s work on Instagram.

Link Collective furoshikiAll images via Link Collective