A transformer buried deep in the woodland of Upstate New York, this half cabin, half treehouse by Jacobschang Architecture is the essential homestead for those who choose an adulthood that keeps the creative fantasies of childhood in tow.

Resting on a sloping hillside and surrounded by dense tree trunks, the cantilevered cabin juts out over an open expanse, creating the illusion that it’s floating among the trees. Built from large panels of glass fitted into traditional slatted pine wood walls, the 360 square feet home is a wilderness escape for its owners, its huge glass walls opening out to know doubt swell the whitewashed interior with scents of pine from the forest. Known as The Half-Tree House, it is completely off-grid with no vehicular access, gas, electricity or water. A potential entrant to a future Cabin Porn collection, for sure. 

Half Cabin Half TreehousePhotography © Noah Kalina