Vintage film cameras are already pretty cool when looking at all the different pieces that come together to capture an image. Although they may not always be considered works of art, Lee Ji Hee has re-imagined these machines into uniquely bright pieces of art and rendered something wholly new. The fun colors used to create the cameras bring yet another intriguing aspect to the already remarkable detail that go into each creation.

Building classic favorites like the Tropen Adoro, the Rolliflex or a Super Kodak Six-20, the eye is tricked into believing that these images are toys, or that they are real cameras painted in pops of color. The re-created devices look incredibly realistic while bright colors add a retro vibe to the traditionally black, grey, and silver mechanism. These are neither real cameras nor toys, but their own individual art pieces formed from simple bits of paper. More of Hee’s work on Behance and Instagram.

Lee Ji Hee

Images © Lee Ji Hee