Maayan Zilberman’s memories of growing up in the late 80s and early 90s get resurrected in an unlikely yet delightful form: candy. The Canadian designer candy line is named Sweet Saba – a tribute to her grandfather with whom she puttered around the kitchen with when she was young (Saba is Hebrew for grandpa).  Zilberman molds cane syrup and sugar into sunglasses, slides, lipstick, watches, mix tapes, letters and CDs. With the help of a food technologist, her candies are infused with around 30 flavors, ranging from the usual candy fare aromas (cola, strawberry, maple, bubblegum) to some eyebrow-raising ones (bacon, champagne, mother’s milk). Sweet Saba states that “these poignant shapes offer a multi-sensory experience through memory, unexpected flavor, and a sense of humor”. The handmade candies carry stories which we can perfectly relate to, making it difficult for us to even imagine consuming them. Head over to Sweet Saba to order yours.


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