Chalk up The UnsTable by furniture and product designer Urszula Ksiazkiewicz as one of the quirkiest and most unforgettable furniture designs we’ve encountered. Equipped with foldable legs, the table creates the illusion of a kneeling animal — a tiny destabilising effect that can turn daily tasks such as eating or using your computer into an extraordinary event.

Speaking about the idea behind the UnsTable, The UK-based Ksiazkiewicz  says, “The project originates from the overwhelming problem of bulky waste and over cluttered interiors. Despite creating modern, appealing furniture they still end up being thrown away too soon.“

There are two versions of the UnsTable: the first with a magnet and moving door system which swings to balance objects placed on its slanted surface, and the second with oak coasters that allow cups or bowls to sit comfortably at the correct angle.

See more of Ksiazkiewicz’s work here.

The UnsTable The UnsTable The UnsTable The UnsTable