Set against the economic depression and social upheaval of 1980s Britain, photographer David Gwinutt’s pictures take his audience into the flourishing new art scene growing in London. Shot while still studying at art college, Gwinutt’s photos document a time when a new generation of creative, freethinking artists were dominating the creative buzz of the London club scene. In Thatcher’s Britain, everything was grey, money was tight and freedom of expression was more important than ever. Emanating from the London club scene, with Covent Garden club Blitz the epicenter, artists like Gilbert and George, Derek Jarman and Leigh Bowery were an example of the melting pot of artists, designers, directors and writers establishing a new wave creative movement.

Captured in their homes, the intimate shots are far removed from the glamour of the after-hours parties and Gwinutt’s handheld photographs capture a poignant moment in the 1980s British art scene.

All images © David Gwinutt