So the world didn’t magically change when 2021 rolled along as expected, but there was something to celebrate — Trump leaving the White House. To mark this momentous occasion, Thomas Ollivier, a freelance art and creative director currently based in London, created the Trumpiñata: the ex-US president’s reincarnation in cardboard form that you can smash to your heart’s desire. 

Anyone can fashion their own Trumpiñata, as the project comes as a DIY kit, with downloadable PDF guides that you can trace onto cardboard, fold, tape up and embellish. A wonder what some masking tape, coloured tissue paper and spare time can yield. Happy crafting!

Ollivier’s portfolio features playful yet insightful projects that scrutinize the world we live in. Filled with references of pop culture, social media and daily life, his work has garnered a keen following that’s led to awards, online and offline features, commissions and exhibitions of his work worldwide. Visit his website and Instagram for more.

Trumpiñata Thomas Ollivier
Trumpiñata Thomas Ollivier

Images © Thomas Ollivier / with permission

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