New York photographer Eldar Sarajlic is on a quest to understand how authenticity can exist in the age of mass production, especially in New York City – a city full of discrepancies, absurdities, and life.

“Often an object of stereotypical portrayal, NYC also lends itself to photographic exploration of something that transcends its high-rise buildings and the homeless sleeping in their corners. If one is willing to look, it offers a window into one’s own self, with all the contradictions, hopes and desires hidden beneath,” says Sarajlic.

From his artist’s statement, Sarajlic says, “My photos do not imply an essentialist notion of life. There is no claim that there is some ‘inner sense’ of life that only awaits expression or recognition. Life itself is something that plays out as we go, and that ‘playing out’ is what we can consider true or fake according to certain standards.”

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