There’s something calming about watching birds take flight, like you’re witnessing an isolated moment of raw nature among the modern backdrop. Photographer Xavi Bou, on the other hand, takes quick shots of these moments and stitches them together in a single frame. This results in his project Ornitographies, a stunning view of nature’s inherent unpredictability, showing flight patterns that range from peaceful symmetry to frenetic irregularity.

A birdwatcher since the 1980s, Bou adapted 19th-century chronophotography techniques into his own. He takes around 30 to 60 frames per second, and each image can contain hundreds of single shots all woven together to create these haunting works of art. Subtle differences in each type of birds, combined with a mesmerizing background, shows how each bird unwittingly etches its own signature pattern across the sky.

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