Aerial photographer Mitchell Rouse shoots his series from a rig mounted onto a Bell 407 helicopter, having evolved his technique over time – first using drones and fixed-wing aircraft in the past. In this collection, he hovers over Los Angeles to capture the City of Angels from angles usually reserved for the type of swooping opening shot of countless Hollywood movies. Rouse’s focus is on landscapes, and he has captured all types of America’s diverse topography from desert to mountains, fields to cityscapes.

Looking down on LA, we see the spaghetti junctions, Hollywood Hills, Downtown skyscrapers, and the seemingly endless miles of grid buildings that stretch as far as the eye can see. And, with a bird’s eye view of the city, we are also afforded a glimpse at the peculiarities that go along with the sheer scope of the ever-expanding metropolis, with one particular ever-present catching our attention – car lots. For every building that takes over a block, an equally sized lot is parked beside it, emphasizing Los Angeles’s status as America’s most famous driving city.

Take a helicopter tour of the city via the images below and see more work by Mitchell Rouse here

Images © Mitchell Rouse

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