Digital Vegetables, aka DigiVege, is a greenhouse unlike any you’ve ever seen: located in the middle of the Tokyo Midtown gardens is a futuristic and interactive greenhouse that lights up and emits sounds when you touch any of the seven vegetables growing inside!

In a bid to educate more people about agriculture, the studio PARTY, headed by overall director Naoko Ito, created a trigger for different lights and sounds. Sound designer Ray Kunimoto recorded sounds using actual vegetables, mixing them with orchestral instruments to create melodies. “Gently touch the vegetables, and listen to the symphony of instruments and vegetables,” says Kunimoto, who represented carrots as trumpets, tomatoes as violins, cabbages as oboes, radishes as flutes, sweet potatoes as pianos, eggplants as harps and pumpkins as clarinets. Green thumb or not, this is one creative space that will surely lull you into a vegetative — I mean meditative — state.

DigiVege was a part of Design Touch 2017. Watch the video here.

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