This modern mountain cabin in Methow Valley, Washington is all about the outdoor and indoor living. The Chechaquo Lot 6 by Prentiss + Balance + Wickline Architects was designed with two living areas: one in the home’s interior, the other one out on the spacious deck, with both spaces sharing a two-sided fireplace. The house was built in an area where its inhabitants can marvel at nature at all times of the day: surrounded by ponderosa pines, the home is sits in a small meadow at the foot of a boulder-strewn slope, with gorgeous views of the nearby forests and mountains.

The home is an example of Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects’ pursuit of balance between natural and built environments. “We consider the interplay between the inside and outside, light and shadow, aesthetics and utility, carefully selecting materials that harmonize with nature, prioritising efficiency and sustainability,” the studio says. More of their projects on pbwarchitects.com.

Chechaquo Lot 6

Photographer © Eirik Johnson

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