Perched at a precarious 42-degree angle in Granada, Spain is the Cliff House by Madrid architectural firm Gil Bartolomé.

Given the difficulty of the home’s plot and a limited budget, the architects succeeded in designing a home that orients its livable spaces towards the breathtaking landscape of sea and slopes. Its most distinct feature its wavy roof, which “produces a calculated aesthetic ambiguity between the natural and the artificial, between the skin of a dragon set in the ground,when seen from below, and the waves from the sea when seen from above.”  The roof’s wavy shape creates a cavernous interior which can be described as Gaudiesque.

The lower floor of this two-level house opens up to a narrow swimming pool and  balcony, and a staircase leads to the bedrooms on the second floor. Majority of the house is carved into the hill, which constantly keeps the temperature at a pleasant 19.5°C.  Click here to see more projects by Gil Bartolomé.

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