Because your vinyls deserve the very best, here are five of our top record cabinet picks:

Vinyl Storage Cabinet DesignKorgis Record Cabinet by Mitz Takahashi

If you’re still in the process of building up your vinyl collection, the Korgis Record Cabinet by Mitz Takahashi would be your best bet. Customizable front loading drawers allow you to stock your records and use the rest of the cubbies as display shelves.


Vinyl Storage Cabinet DesignN0001 by Nationale7

Influenced by the 50s, the handcrafted and thoughtfully-designed N0001 by Nationale7 accommodates your 33s and 45s in vintage style.


Vinyl Storage Cabinet Design Hi Phile Record Cabinets

Its no-tool assembly is just one of the many reasons to get this gorgeous-looking record cabinet by Hi Phile: though compact, it packs a punch with its front-and-side storage space.


Vinyl Storage Cabinet Design Shrine by Sigurd Larsen

Your record player. Vinyls. Headphones, paper, whisky bottles… what couldn’t you store in The Shrine? Created by architect/designer Sigurd Larsen, this gorgeously complex oak cube has storage of all sizes, and the best thing is they’re all accessible with keys!


Vinyl Storage Cabinet Design Record Display I by Kai Takeshima

Record Display I is minimalist, elegant, and will never go out of style. Made of solid walnut by Japanese furniture maker Kai Takeshima, it’s the perfect home for of your records… 290 of them, anyway.