Spanish artist SiiGii unveils her take on an inflatable fashion statement — a wearable latex lilo designed specifically for those with sun allergies.

For inspiration, the now New York-based artist didn’t have to look far. “I grew up on the beach. At age 11, I developed an allergy to the sun which awakened a feeling of artificiality in me,” she shares. “Suddenly I had to start protecting myself from nature… in conflict with something considered so beautiful, nourishing and relaxing. Ever since I have been developing systems of protection so my story could have a happy ending.”

The bathing suit, aptly named Floating Without Limits, provides sufficient coverage against the sun, while strategically-placed inflatable areas on the back of the head and around the body allows the wearer to comfortably float around and soak up the full beach experience. 

A black bathing suit design wraps around the body, for which the artist explains: “In this piece you can see that cooperation – becoming what is going to make me rise (the float) while still being myself (the bathing suit element), relaxing (floatation element) through artificiality (restrictive latex in unnatural colors such as pure white and black).” Describing her work as concept-driven body extensions, the suit is one of three designs in the artist’s collection titled SAD: Sun Allergy Diaries. More of her work can be seen on her Instagram.


Photography © Marc Espinosa for SiiGii (via)

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