Royal College of Art graduate Alice Theodorou created a skyscraper concept that’s meant to weather the staggering natural and manmade disasters of the next 10,000 years, from nuclear war to rising sea levels. Ominous, yes, but very compelling.

Titled The Future Will Just Have to Wait, Theodorou imagines a structure that will withstand, outlast and adapt to the changing times, both in its design and function. In her designs, she integrates historical architectural elements, namely atlantes and caryatids — architectural columns in male and female forms.

“The building exhibits the evolution of the human form as a reminder of our temporality, and is an expression of how the body is anticipated to evolve in the future to become taller, more culturally uniform, and more androgynous,” Theodorou says. The project was a part of Show RCA 2015 graduate exhibition.

Alice Theodorou

The Great Exhibition, 2151

World Surface Temperature Rises by 4 Degrees, 3000

20m Rise in Sea Level, 4500

Underwater Lighthouse, 12,000

The Threat of Nuclear War, 2049

The Depletion of World Sand Resources, 2200

The Collapse of the European Union, 2040

The Depletion of World Lead Resources, 2049

Images: Alice Theordorou via Dezeen