In greater Stockholm, the Kyvik House offers a retreat that values peace and heightened solitude for its inhabitants. The home was designed by Sjoblom Friej Arkitekter around three separate elements that combine to create a compact two-story home that pairs spacious living areas with open views. The exposed timber frame and shell of the building settle the home in its heavily wooded habitat. The same awareness of relationship is fostered between the three parts of the home, in which a compact two-story home, a large conservatory, and a bordered garden each contribute to create a home whose spatial functions are in tune with the location and its seasonal changes. 

On the upper level, three bedrooms provide the accommodation, while a large lower living space on the ground floor provides ample room for a family to live with a sense of freedom. This is thanks in part to the impressive conservatory; connected to the main living/dining space it features double-height walls of glass that flood the home with natural light from the harmonious viewing room that takes in glorious vistas of the surroundings. Adjoining the house and conservatory, a framed garden shows yet another smart bridge between the building and its natural habitat, with timber joists built onto the rocky exterior to create a sense of continuity between inside and out. Follow the studio on Instagram.

Images © Sjoblom Friej Arkitekter

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