Whatever city you live in, whatever your job, most of us can relate to the grind of boarding the bus for the daily trip home. Welcoming all, rejecting none, pitting graphic designers with janitors, the bus is one of the few places you see a city’s diversity squeezed so tightly into a box. Captured through steamy windows, street photographer Nick Turpin’s new book On the Night Bus is a collection of stills of a moment witnessed from the outside looking in.

I photographed into the top deck of the bus from a raised platform using a long lens and very slow shutter speeds,” says Turpin in the book. “It was generally unpleasantly cold and wet.” Shot in winter, the photographs evoke an almost intimate kind of longing to be on the other side of the glass. Caught in varying states of conversation, sleep or startled realization, the photos managed to meld their subjects’ actions into a uniform sense of the mundane.