Japanese brand Muji widens their minimalist lifestyle and accessories line to include something bigger – prefabricated homes, to be exact. During Tokyo Design Week 2015, the brand introduced a line of prefab homes called Muji Hut, designed by Naoto Fukasawa, Jasper Morrison and Konstantin Grcic. The sustainable homes all carry Muji’s signature “no brand” aesthetic, and are constructed from wood, cork and aluminum.

Grcic’s aluminum vertical hut features a loft and shoji-style sliding doors and is the simplest of the trio:


Morrison’s hut primarily uses cork and has an integrated timber porch, wood burning stove and tatami floors:


Fukasawa’s light-filled hut (thanks to its expansive glass facade)  is made of timber and features a wood burning stove and a tiny kitchenette. It also boasts of a bathtub with a view… not too shabby for a prefab home!


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