Suburbia, boring? Not if you view it through the eyes of illustrator LilKool. Bathed in bright colors and popping with clean black lines and minimalist shapes, the work is a reference to the way we view the image of suburbia. Raised in Texas, New York-based LilKool (okay, we have to address the elephant in the room by briefly stating that he has one of the greatest monikers in the game) creates in a range of mediums but clearly takes special pride in the eccentric cartoon nostalgic of this digital world.

Explaining the origins of his style, the artist’s bio reads, “Disenchanted by the ways pop culture was slowly brainwashing the masses, LilKool took to painting as an act of defiance, beginning with spray-paint.” Like Microsoft Paint merged with the mind of a comic book fiend, the work is an expanding bubblegum shot of the destruction of a trippy suburban dream.

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Images © LilKool