The iconic Ladybird Books, a British children’s book publisher which released educational tomes on subjects ranging from stamp collecting to prehistoric animals and everything in between, is set to release a humorous series of books meant to help cynical adults understand deal with all the concerns of the modern-day world.


The eight books were written by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris, comedians who’ve penned for various British TV shows (Miranda, The Armstrong and Miller Show). The books titles are straightforward, self-explanatory, and straight to the point : The Hipster, Dating, The Husband, The Wife, Mindfulness, The Hangover, The Mid-life Crisis and The Shed.

content_plainmagazine-ladybird_books-hubbywifecontent_plainmagazine-ladybird_books-hangoverAn excerpt from The Hipster gives a self-deprecating description of the said species: “This is a hipster. He is childless, unaccountably wealthy, and always well turned out. He likes art, porridge, scarves, anything reclaimed from French factories, like this dog rack.”  In the book The Mid-Life Crisis, though, there’s a tinge of poignancy: “When we’re young we wonder if we’ll be a surgeon or an astronaut. We can be anything we want to be. Then one day we can’t.”


All books feature the beautiful cover art illustrations which the original Ladybird Books are known for, and are set to be released in November 2015 for the publishing house’s centenary celebration.


via The Guardian