As the Wim Wenders solo show runs at London’s Photographer’s Gallery, another strain of the director’s photography work is brought back to life. In 1983, working on the movie Paris, Texas, Wenders went looking for inspiration with a trusty medium format camera in hand as he searched out the perfect scenes to capture the loneliness of the bleak sense of nostalgia he wanted to bring to the film.

The collection of images became a book in 2001, a catalogue of that two-month long journey in 1983 spent driving around the American west with his Makina Plaubel camera. Capturing parts of New Mexico, California, Texas and Arizona the shots are all big blue skies, color popping retro cafes and motels, a mythologizing of the West as he trod where so many had gone before him.

Check out some of the images below from the available 2015 edition of the book, Written in the West.

Wim WendersImages © Wim Wenders