Rising above rows of mature juniper trees, Wendell Burnette’s beautifully crafted Telescope House has front row seats to the beauty of Arizona’s sweeping high-desert landscapes. A living space fitted with a fantastic glazed facade is angled towards the iconic Cathedral Rock and the Munds and Lee Mountains in the backdrop.

The house was designed as a retreat for a Massachusetts-based couple, who rent it out over periods of time during the year. Minimal in both materials palette and form, the home’s exterior is enveloped in weathering iron oxide steel, its rusty color discreetly blending into the landscape. Conscious of its environmental impact, steps towards sustainability were enforced through their choice of materials (fireproof corten steel cladding and shaded glass) and heating/cooling solutions.  

The program features a lengthy hallway that branches into three bedrooms and bathrooms from both sides, eventually leading guests into the impressive salon. The interiors are intentionally subdued, fitted with built-in cabinetry that leaves little room for clutter, allowing the vistas to be one’s center of attention. “The telescoping dark interior surfaces simultaneously frame and pull the ever-changing experience forward both as pure image but also as muted reflections of light and landscape,” explains the studio. More from Wendell Burnette Architects.

Photography © Jason Roehner via Wallpaper

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