Be prepared to be shocked, delighted, confused, and scandalized by the fancy footwear of Israeli artist and designer Kobi Levi. Working with a vintage sewing machine and an old leather press in his small Tel Aviv studio, Levi crafts shoes that are most definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Bananas, blow-up dolls, slingshot heels, or a pair the splitting image of Madonna… each shoe is a culmination of creativity, imagination and craftsmanship. What started out as a personal collection became an overnight sensation as his blog garnered attention – and orders – from an enthusiastic audience, including celebrities like Lady Gaga.

Made to measure and released as limited editions, the fearless shoe designs of Levi are a delightful mix of art, design and fashion, with a healthy dose of shock factor thrown in. No other pair could make a woman feel as special.

See more of his work on his site and Instagram.

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All work © Kobi Levi

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