It is so much more than just photos of bums though. Emilie Mercier and Frederique Marseille have grown up together and have now created a project in which they photograph the backsides of volunteers in an effort to display the ways that bodies are different, change throughout time, and are each alluring in their own right. The title of the project 1001 Fesses is French for 1001 Butts, a straightforward call for the initial idea behind their series. As they say, they are “creating a visual poem” and illustrating the “beauty in female identity.”

The two ladies have taken it upon themselves to work towards creating a stronger culture of female empowerment through taking photos — using a Mamiya 645 film camera — of women’s behinds. Mercier and Marseille have photographed women of all ages, shapes, and sizes in order to portray the distinctly beautiful diversity of bodies throughout the world. 

Here support 1001 Fesses financially here, and follow the project’s evolution on Facebook and Instagram.

All images provided by the artists

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