Architect Jim Olson’s Longbranch Cabin comes from humble beginnings: a 14 square-foot (1,3 square meter) beginning, to be exact. It was a 1959 bunkhouse when the 18-year old Olson started working on it, which over the years morphed into this beautiful wooden cabin that blends in completely and harmoniously with the lush Washington forest it’s located in.

Working over past renovations which took place in 1981, 1997, 2003 and 2014, the architect slowly shaped the Longbranch cabin into the personal lakeside dwelling it is today. The home is very much part of nature, with its exteriors wrapping around 3 mature trees that grow through openings in the deck. The domed skylights, 11’ x 13’ windows and exposed roof structures have come together over the years to form one cohesive retreat for Olson and his family; the ultimate architectural labor of love.

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