Parked cars don’t necessarily merit second glances, much less philosophical contemplation, but the series On the Car by Tomohiro Hanada makes quite a strong case for it. A simple experiment yielding stunning results, Hanada documents Berlin’s surroundings reflected on parked cars, revealing images that radically diverge from reality depending on the surfaces they’re cast upon. Subtle and not-so-subtle nuances such as texture, color, dirt or dust completely change a scene, resulting in colorful and abstract narratives that look like paintings.

Speaking more about the project, Hanada muses: “Are shiny new things beautiful because they’re shiny and new? Are the dirty or old therefore ugly? This was my thought when walking through town and looking at the cars parked alongside the road. When reflected in the cars around us, the world we live in feels a little bigger.”

Tomohiro Hanada draws ideas from real life, turning the mundane into the extraordinary through playful manipulation of his personal and street photography. With backgrounds in photography and fashion, he’s been selected as one of 2019’s 100 Fresh Japanese Photographers by the publication New Japan Photo 7, and has exhibited his works in Japan and Germany. He is currently based in Berlin. More on his website and Instagram.

Tomohiro Hanada

Images © Tomohiro Hanada / with permission

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