Just how narrow is narrow when it comes to housing? When it comes to this Tokyo home, it seems like 1.8 meters (about 6 feet) is the magic number. This house won’t be able to host your weekly yoga group classes. But size aside, it looks amazingly homey and quite elegant… hats off to YUUA Architects!

Built in what was once an alley between two buildings, the house’s facade has floor-to-ceiling windows that lets in a maximum of light. The rooms, bathroom and living area are located at the back of the house for  privacy from curious prying eyes (who wouldn’t stop and stare?). Walls are painted dark, and the floors and ceilings use wide timber planks. Space is obviously quite sacred here, so you’ll find a lot of space-saving tricks up this house’s sleeve, such as overlapping levels and bookshelves built into the staircase.

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PhotosSobajima Toshihiro