The recently-completed private residence, called D House, by architecture firm Issho has become a jaw-dropping addition to Tokyo’s Shibuya residential area, mostly because of its dynamic exterior designed by London-based Ron Arad. Really, how could you walk past this house and not gawk at it? If its imposing black color or bright red door doesn’t fully catch your attention, we’re betting the ribbon-like steel curves that flank the house’s facade will do the trick. The playful form gives the house a feeling of movement, and must certainly cast interesting lights and shadows throughout the 3-storey, 180 square meter house. It’s interesting to note that Arad and Issho used Skype and WeTransfer to bounce project ideas off each other… Now that’s what I call a great collaboration.

Tokyo D House Isshocontent_plain-magazine-ron-arad-tokyohouse-03content_plain-magazine-ron-arad-tokyohouse-06content_plain-magazine-ron-arrad-tokyohouse-01D House tokyo Issho

PhotographyAnatole Papafilippou

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