Photographer and creative director Thais Varela’s new collection of images takes viewers to a desolate and beautiful desert world in which the topography, contours, and textures of the sun-baked earth are the focus of her lens. The subject is the Bardenas Reales, a lonely, semi-desert land in the north-east of Spain, notable for its craggy outcrops of ochre and burnt orange earth that seem to erupt from the ground. Known as the Badlands, the lunar-like surface of the earth is located less than 100km from the Pyrenees, with flora and fauna more common to the African continent than Northern Europe found throughout the vast expanse of eroded land.

Varela’s collection of gorgeously saturated compositions frames the national park as something otherworldly, shooting the undulating rocky landscape in a glow of golden hour light that brings out the rich, subtle colors of the land against a deep, dusty blue sky. Cracked earth covers the ground, lonely peaks are solitary monuments, shredded by millennia of erosion, and the only signal of human interruption comes from the ominous black road that winds through the terrain.

Thais Varela creates fashion, still-life, landscape, and fine art photography. See more of her work here

Images © Thais Varela

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