Somewhere in the jungles of Costa Rica, architects Studio Saxe have created a dream tropical hideout that blends sustainable credentials with luxurious living. High in the hills, the multi-level home boasts views of the ocean from its position enshrouded by lush jungle foliage. The home was built for international clients who wanted a home that didn’t impose itself on the landscape, rather a place that felt authentic, as if it had always been there. To achieve the look, local materials familiar to the region were used in the construction and a design was sought that invited the jungle inward.

The house was built on the crest of a hill and utilises a frame-like structure at the base, which allows the upper levels to feel like they’re floating above the canopy. Outdoor decks surround the home and walls of glass encourage the feeling of being close to nature right the way through the space. Various systems were built in place to serve the building’s sustainable credentials, with solar panels across the property and a water capture system that recycles rain for irrigation and reuse. For those dreaming of an escape to the Costa Rican coast, the home will serve as a vacation rental as well as the client’s own abode.

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Photography © Kirsten Ellis

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