The latest works of Berlin-based street artist and contemporary painter David Walker is a new experience both for himself and for his followers. Known for creating large-scale female portraits exclusively using freehand and spray paint, Walker delves into the world of acrylics, brushes and new techniques in his newest body of work titled Half A World Passed Me By. The show contains various personal references to the artist. “I have been completely blind in my right eye since birth. It’s not common knowledge as I didn’t want it to be used as a USP for my work.”

Featuring collaborations with other multidisciplinary, graffiti and contemporary artists, the show includes figurative works, studies, sketches, text-based paintings and even an acrylic-and-embroidery tableau. “Although the spray paint medium is still present in this new body of work, I feel using new approaches and materials has allowed me a fresh dexterity and an opportunity to mature as a painting,” he says.

Catch Half A World Passed Me By at Lawrence Alkin Gallery, London until 9 December 2017.


David WalkerAll images © David Walker