Let’s get high browsing this collection of inventive and downright awesome staircases:

Comprised of 400 wooden slats, this twisting staircase was created by French designer Ora Ito for the LVMH office in Paris.
Photography © We Are Contents


Is it a staircase? Is it a bookshelf? For Istanbul design agency Ofist, it’s both. A harmonious mix of form and function, it was designed as a home’s central piece.
Photography via ofist.com


Located in a stable for polo houses in Argentina, this concrete staircase by Estudio Ramos leads up to the building’s green roof.
Photography © Daniela McAdden


This magnificent concrete staircase was designed by homeowners artist Pedro Reyes and fashion designer Carla Fernandez to give access to their floor-to-ceiling library.
Photography © Edmund Sumner


Cousins & Cousins architecture studio added a certain je ne sais quoi to this home extension project in Hackney, London: a steel-wrapped spiral staircase that doesn’t fail to impress.
Photography © Jack Hobhouse