Graphic designer, builder, traveler and founder of #vanlife, Foster Huntington is a man of many talents. Most recently the creative lent his skills to developing a new stop-motion animation. Focusing on a skate bowl showdown, the movie Pool Scum, is an 80s homage to the beefs of the bowl and the action sports movies of the era.

The movie is the first release from Huntington’s latest venture, an animation and special effects studio called Movie Mountain. They were careful to recreate the physics of skateboarding in its most real form. In an interview with Monster Children, Huntington says: “Everyone that works on the project skates. We’ve redone shots because it didn’t feel like a real McTwist—not that we can do McTwists—but we know what a McTwist or a smith grind should look like. We’ve been very attentive to that. Skating is a big part of the DNA up here.”

Take a look at the short film and stills below.

POOL SCUM EPISODES 1-3 from Foster Huntington on Vimeo.