Poignant, touching and revealing, Silent Letters is a project that collects and reveals the deepest secrets of contributors from around the world in illustration form —  under the cloak of anonymity, of course.

Silent Letters launched in 2015 by Swiss illustrator Till Lauer, and is an ongoing project to this day.Lauer illustrates people’s secrets, fears, wishes and fantasies, which are sent in via snail mail. Dark, revealing and sometimes laugh-out-loud hilarious, the secrets often make us ponder over our own guarded thoughts as well. The effort of sending in a handwritten secret, paired with the fantastic talents of the artist, gives this project a depth and intimacy so elusive in today’s world of rabid self-promotion; think of it as a confessional booth for the digital age.

Visit and participate in Silent Letters here, and check out Till Lauer’s website and Instagram.

Images © Till Lauer