A participatory art project meant to publicise your deepest darkest thoughts on love without blowing your cover, Abandoned Love by artist Peyton Fulford brings justice to all those unsent text messages, balled-up and thrown-out love letters or covered-up tattoos. Urging people to send in their most private thoughts, Fulford brings them to life in the form of banners which she strings up in public and often abandoned areas.

The cheery, colourful letters are a stark contrast to the melancholic passages, and each image becomes surprisingly intimate out in the open. We’re amazed at how relatable all these anonymous messages are, proving that all love spares no one of its dramas and complications. “The photographs collectively function as insight into the physical and emotional loss that people universally endure while in or out of love,” says Fulford. More of her work here, and follow her on Instagram.

Peyton Fulford Abandoned Love

Images © Peyton Fulford