It’s called the House of Concrete Experiments — an intriguing name and, from the images below, a quite fitting one. Located in Alibag, India, this dwelling developed by Samira Rathod Design Atelier is closer to a concrete sculpture than an architectural project. 

Aside from its form — a fragmented series of cubes, dramatic sloping cantilevers, and outdoor staircases — the materiality itself possesses a character of its own. Its concrete was cast with waste from the area; and the inclusion of stone chips, brick fragments and large waste stone yielded contrasting pigments and unique textural finishes.

“The details incorporated in the architecture and interiors of this house create continual intrigue, making the otherwise overwhelming space very intimate and liveable,” says the studio. With its high ceilings and roughcast walls with sculptural niches, the house is truly a space to be encountered and experienced. Geometric skylights – including a prominent B-shaped one – pierce the ceilings and flood the central living area below it with natural sunlight. The living branches out to different wings that contain a TV lounge, a master bedroom, a study and a bar area. A guest room and helper’s quarters are assigned to a separate area. 

Rounding up this fantastic dwelling is a lap pool built into the terrace and stretching along the side of the home. 

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Photography © Niveditaa Gupta

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