Montreal-based photographer Robin Cerutti shows how a simple shift of perspective can yield captivating visuals. His series Mirror shows bodies that seemingly pierce through a mirror of water, faces, hands and legs distorted by the surface.

“I’m inspired by natural effects that do not change our vision of reality,” he explains. “The Mirror series focuses on the critical angle between water and air. This effect, added to a referential trick, creates the illusion of a membrane and a distorting mirror that set the scene in which the subject interacts.”

Cerutti, who holds a doctorate in nanophysics, cites his scientific background and photographer Bartek Pogoda as influences in his art. The result? A poetic, heady cocktail of illusion and reality. “The goal is to make people dream with situations that look surreal but are in fact totally real,” he says. See more here, and follow him on Instagram.

Images © Robin Cerutti