Richardson Pribuss Architects revitalized an outdated residence in Mill Valley, California, offering a renovation that, while decidedly contemporary, remained faithful to the local Mill Valley vernacular.

The residence unfolds as a cluster of wooden cabins nestled amidst towering redwoods and thoughtfully positioned against the natural contours of the landscape. An outdoor wooden staircase ensures effortless access, guiding residents uphill with ease. 

Three primary sections — housing a kitchen/bedroom, living/dining/family room, and a guest room — are joined by low-profile breezeways which look out to views of the surrounding foliage. Indoor spaces segue into a number of patios along the main and top levels of the home, offering residents the classic Northern California indoor/outdoor tradition. 

A restrained palette of stained wood siding, dark bronze railings, metal grey roofs, and ample glazing integrates the residence within the existing woodland. In addition to these volumes, an additional Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) cabin enhances the overall layout. More from Richardson Pribuss Architects.

Photography © Eric Rorer

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