In Greek mythology, sirens were creatures of the deep whose alluring looks, beguiling music and enchanting songs would lure sailors to their deaths, shipwrecked on the rocks of their islands. Inspired by myth, photographer Rachael Talibart chose the aptly poetic title, Sirens, for her series of images of storm waves breaking on the English coast, works that acknowledge both the destructive power and impossible, alluring beauty of the thrashing sea.

Having spent a childhood watching the water from a deck close to her family home, seeing creatures rise and fall in the face of the waves, Talibart returned to the theme to shoot the landscape she remembered. Using a rapid shutter speed her images freeze the wave at its apex to create super-detailed scenes that detail the inner turmoil of the waves, conjuring the faces of gods and monsters.

See more of her work at www.rachaeltalibart.com.

Rachael Talibart Sirens

Images © Rachael Talibart

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