In Mexico, the Aculco residence by Perez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados (PPAA) is guided by the qualities of its surroundings. The home sits on a plot of land that the clients, two brothers, stumbled upon during a climbing excursion; under their care, the property was reforested over several years.

Properly isolated from the charge of city life, the compact rectangular home focuses on simplicity and minimal maintenance. PPAA created a pared-down floor plan with minimal divisions, accompanying it with large parallel windows for light and cross-ventilation. 

The studio used stone from the nearby local quarry for Aculco’s walls, leaving the roughness of its natural state to contrast with the interior materials palette of clay, wood, and glass. Its compact footprint is complemented by a terrace that almost doubles the area of the house, an outdoor space where residents can connect with the landscape throughout the year. More from PPAA here.

Photography © Rafael Gamo

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