A work in progress, Brazilian photographer Angelica DassHumanae project has been going on since 2012 with the aim to capture “a chromatic range of the different human skin tone colors.” Having so far shot more than 3500 photographs of people from 27 cities in 17 different countries, Dass continues to develop this global mosaic project in an attempt to capture the full spectrum of tones that make up humankind.

Extracting an 11 x 11 pixel image of each face, Dass uses the skin tone’s color as the background hue for each frame. Surely an endless project, given her open ended aim to capturing the entire world, the goal of the series is to spark discussion on ethnic identity, disregarding factors like nationality, economic status, age or aesthetic standards. See more of Dass’ work here.

Angelica Dass Humanae

All images © Angelica Dass