While beauty is most definitely in the eye of the beholder, Canadian photographer Andy’s Eyes puts the mantra to the test with his work focused on the mundane aspects of everyday life.

Camera at the ready, Andy’s Eyes, real name Andy N Smith, circles the streets keeping an eye out for elements of the normal that deviate just enough from the generic camouflage of the daily cycle to warrant a picture. Windscreen wipers to shopping carts, chain-link fences to brick walls, it’s hard to argue that the beauty in his images is subjective, such is the rich composition and startling charm captured in the inanimate. Talking about his process he says, I make sure to always have my camera on me wherever I’m going. I usually get around by foot, or bike, which both allow me the time to observe my surroundings obsessively. I still see new things to photograph outside my front door, so a lot of times I do not have to wander far.”

Check put more images captured by Andy’s Eyes via his Instagram.

Images © Andy’s Eyes