The beauty of Paris is overwhelming whether you’re walking its streets or looking down at it from above, but not a lot of us get to see it from the latter’s point of view (unless you’re lucky enough to have top-floor-with-balcony-owning friends, or have an inclination for sneaking onto rooftops). French photographer Alain Cornu – who lived in an attic room as a student in the 80s – offers us a glimpse of the city from various rooftops in the series Over Paris. Shot mostly at nighttime, he addresses not only famous monuments, but also the iconic images of the Parisian skyline: charming interior courtyards, chimney pipes, tiny skylights and gently sloping zinc rooftops — iconic images of the Parisian skyline. From time to time, we’re even treated to surreptitious views through an open window. It does, in a way, feel a little bit like spying. And if it does, we don’t really care: the view is well worth it.

More of Cornu’s work on his website and Instagram.

Images © Alain Cornu / with permission

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