Is there anything more exciting than an architecture studio working with a fellow studio on a personal home project? We think not! Feast your eyes, then, on the Analog House, Faulker Architects founder Greg Faulkner and wife Lesa’s home — a collaboration with Tom Kundig of Olson Kundig Architects. Set within the lush woodlands of Truckee, California, the cement, steel and glass home proves that two heads are better than one. 

The sprawling 5420-square feet (504 square-meter) home has a U-shaped corridor that wraps around an open courtyard. Set near the surrounding pines and fitted with floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides, a walk down the hallway feels “almost like a hike through the forest.” The master bedroom at the far end of the corridor sits next to the living area, pointedly detached from the dining, kitchen and breakfast nook at the entrance. 

Topping the dining area is perhaps the dwelling’s most arresting feature: a 42-foot-tall clerestory window-lined steel tower that cuts a dramatic silhouette against the forest landscape, hosting two additional bedrooms and a roof deck with a fire pit.

The fire-resistant concrete walls and steel frames are softened by the presence of wood floors and ceilings, perfectly complemented by Lesa’s elegant curation of furniture pieces, cabinetry, lighting and decor

Sans gimmickry and digital technology advances adopted by so many dwellings today, Analog House focuses entirely on form, light and space. The architects wrapped up the project with nothing but mutual praise and respect for each other. “Tom’s an architect’s architect. It’s all about the work, with no real exposed personal ego. It was really a fifty-fifty team effort” Faulker said. “To be under the scrutiny of a terrific architect that’s been delivering great work is no small task,” adds Kundig. “Greg and I are both old enough to be mature and confident in our voices and ability to collaborate as designers.”

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Photography © Joe Fletcher

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