Melbourne-based Sharon Blance documents Hong Kong’s remaining iconic lights in the series Neon Signs.

At night, the streets of Hong Kong transform into a dazzling jungle of neon-lit characters, extravagantly announcing parlours, restaurants and shops to passers-by. But the number of these signs are dwindling in the face of tighter government regulations; shop owners are switching to more cost-effective LEDs, which sorely lack the brightness and authenticity these traditional handcrafted signs are known for.

The project acknowledges the dynamic changes Hong Kong succumbs to, as well as its consequences: in this case, the slow demise of the craft of the neon sign-making, and a changed visual landscape. Through her images, Blance immortalises streets bathed in the neon glow, tinging everything within its reach a nostalgic, comforting shade of phosphorescent yellows, reds and blues.

See more of Blance’s work here, and follow her on Instagram.

   neon signsAll images © Sharon Blance

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