Works of art that you can walk all over, this collaborative series of rugs from Giancarlo Valle and Nordic Knots offer a thoughtful statement piece to the floor (or wall for that matter) of any interior. Giancarlo Valle is an interior designer with the background of a whimsically nomadic childhood spent in cities including San Francisco, Caracas, and Chicago and it is his childhood experiences that informed the designs he created for his latest project with Scandi label Nordic Knots

Valle was born to Peruvian parents and also spent time in Guatemala as a child and it is this element of his heritage that he draws on for the collection. The basis of the designs for the rugs are drawn first from Valle’s own recollections of the hand painted furniture that graced his childhood home in Guatemala, and second, his own personal interest and explorations into the themes of Swedish folklore. All the decorative patterns were hand drawn by Valle in his studio before the repeating prints were manufactured into rugs made from New Zealand wool for Nordic Knots. In a nod to the heritage of the designs, the look book was shot in Sweden’s beautiful farmhouses (known as Hälsingegårdarna) in which intricate folklore imagery decorates the walls.  

Shop the collection from February 1 at Nordic Knots

Images © Nordic Knots

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