Hot on the heels of its Space Hippy packs, which hinted at a more serious, long-term approach to sustainability within the sneaker industry, Nike has recently dropped details on its new ISPA Link trainers. A standout moment for the industry, the shoes will completely remove the necessity for glue on the models, which will be held together by the quite frankly ingenious solution of their own tension. As one of the world’s largest producers of shoes – and the climate impact that goes with the status – the development of a glueless model means the ability to create a product without the emissions, cooling tunnels, heating, and glue lines that go together with cementation – not to mention making them far easier to recycle. 

The sustainable design technology is noteworthy in that the shoe is likely to be mass-produced, rather than simply appearing as a mere signal of ‘what could be done’ to revolutionize the industry.  The shoes – the ISPA Link and ISPA Axis – are due to begin releasing from June 2022.

Images © Nike

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