Dining alone isn’t seen as tragic anymore, especially now that mobile phones and tablets have become acceptable dining companions. Singapore-based studio Creativeans, along with guest designer Andrew Loh, explore the ‘dining alone’ phenomenon in the project The Missing Dining Tablean attempt to visualize objects that could be associated with eating once the familiar dining table is out of the picture.

Here are some of their  alternative dining solutions:

The Coex is a chair that can flip over to become a side table, best for compact apartments and small spaces.

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Home alone with your pet? Have dinner together with Reflection: a table that not only has a sensor-embedded pet food dispenser at its foot, but also a video camera that projects the face of your pet onto a screen in front of you, so you can eat face to face.


Wago is a grocery cart that turns into a picnic table.

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Botanica is a disposable cutlery set fanned out in a plant-like pattern, serving as a sign that a meal is over once all the cutlery is gone.

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Venus is a great solution for parties, one side convex and the other concave, great to hold anything from chips and salsa to soup.

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Solaris warms up your food at your desk while you work, and alternatively serves as a heater during winter!

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Ergonomically-shaped Oryza is an example of disposable dining ware that comes flat-packed, is easy to store, and adapts to any meal.

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Lastly, Singular is a continuous stainless steel rod that fits into your hand and allows you to prop up a book (or a tablet) and a bowl of food in one hand.

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